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Free Demo Available

We are working on a new update for this 2013-2014 winter season...Stay tuned.

Available for MAC and PC

3 factory 1/10th scale RC Race Cars

6 Tracks with more on the way

15 different painted bodies

8 different customizable cameras per track

1000’s of setup configurations possible

Real time car tuning with “drop test”

Custom physics code built just for RC Racing

ability to walk the track (a major real life feature)

Literally drive from anywhere you want.

Run your real life paint scheme in game.

and this is just the beta........

Demo and Full Game are same download.

Demo has no account or password needed.

Available for MAC an PC computers.

Purchase an Activation KEY to unlock full game

All RCSIM transactions are

handled securely through PAYPAL

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Created by devotidMEDIA 2012